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Meat Loading/Unloading Arm

Meat Loading/Unloading Arm

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It is the controlled loading arm for the transportation of the carcass meat of cattle and sheep.

  • Hand operated hydraulic piston rod.
  • Up-down and left-right mobility.
  • Stainless hook that will go through the carcass at the arm end.
  • Complete stainless steel.
Weight 300 kg
Max Hook Height 2680mm
Minimum Hook Height 820mm
Reach Distance 1860mm
Rotation Capacity of the Arm 260°
Head Rotation Capacity 320°
Body Rotation Capacity 350°
Hook Up Down Movement 0.3 m/s
Weight Lifting Capacity 300 kg
Equipment Class A3
Voltage / Phase 380V/3
Strength 3 kW


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